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Experience the next generation of prosthetics

Empowering lives with affordable, customizable and reliable robotics

30+ Colors Available can match any skin tone

Flexible materials allow for a softer, more secure grip

Weighs less than the average human hand at under 200 grams

Biomimetic design can spread out around objects

What We Offer

Cutting-edge 3D printing technology allows for prosthetics to be made in under an hour


ORCO Hand is under half the weight of a human hand. Made with flexible materials in any color you want

Abstract Background

Why Choose ORCO

Cutting Edge Printers

We use the most advanced 3D printers currently available from Bambu Lab and Stratasys to produce our prostheses in under an hour

24/7 Repair Services

ORCO Support is dedicated to ensuring the reliability of your product as part of our service plan at only $8 per month. ORCO products are heavily tested to ensure longevity and quality

Durable, High Quality Materials

ORCO Hand utilizes TPU 95A filament: a tough yet stretchy material used in the soles of work boots. With our signature infill pattern, we can make the device 90% air while remaining resilient to the elements

20+ Years of Industry Experience

ORCO works with experts in the industry in robotics, electronics, and biomedical engineering to create the most reliable and effective products possible

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