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Our Product Line-Up

Infrared Control Armband

The ORCO Control Armband uses non-invasive infrared LED transceivers to process muscle activity into hand gestures in your prosthetic device. No electrodes necessary, unlike typical EMG technology.

For Researchers: The ORCO SDK

We developed an open source Software Development Kit, so that you can develop your own software to use the ORCO Hand not just as a prosthetic, but as a research tool for robotics, bionics, and more.

Repair Services

For just $8 a month, we cover repairs through our service plan. We will even send you a whole new prosthetic in under a week, if the situation calls for it. Our devices are tested against the elements to ensure the highest quality and reliability possible.

The ORCO App

Monitor your ORCO devices through our user-friendly app interface, available on Windows, Mac, and most Linux operating systems.

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